ROLE: UX/UI Designer, Design Strategist
CLIENT:  Self-initiated project
TIMELINE: Two weeks

Conceptualize and design a new color picker app for the phone.

An app with a modern look that acts as the creative's companion. IRO makes it easy for anyone to whip out their phone, snap a photo, and save a color palette from beautiful moments from their day. Users can then use their saved color palette as a tool for inspiration for their next creative project.


From market research, I discovered that the majority of color-related apps include the ability to take photos in the app, import photos from the user's library, and save color palettes. In addition to these common features, I designed my color picker app to create color palettes from solid colors or gradients, include a color management option, and provide users with the option to explore color palettes made by others.

To create the most delightful experience, I wanted to avoid making anything seem like a chore, specifically the naming and saving parts of the flow. I designed modals and layers for these "housekeeping" steps to avoid the user having to navigate through multiple screens and thus becoming distracted from the fun and creative parts of the flow.


I aimed to create a look for the app that was modern, inviting, and most of all, fun! Using the interface should be a desirable and exciting experience for the user. The UI design is minimal and lightweight. I used a circular design for the color swatches across all the screens,and light dropshadows and gradients to create depth between elements.

The app is named "IRO," after the Japanese word for color, 色 (いろ); the name is also easy to remember and rolls off the tongue. The logo is a simplified version of how the color palettes appear on the Explore screen.


The creative’s companion. A new tool to help you capture the beautiful moments of your life, whether it’s on your daily commute or your dream vacation. Be inspired, create, and share the beauty around you with IRO.

Two Color Modes

IRO generates color palettes tailored to your life’s specific moments. By taking the most saturated colors from an image, IRO automatically generates the most vibrant and intense palettes.

After snapping or importing a photo, choose between Solid Color or Gradient modes depending on what best suits your needs. Change a color in your palette in real time by simply moving the on-screen color picker.

Explore & Collect

Get inspired from color palettes created around the world and save them to your own custom collections. Organize your collections by location, color, mood, or project. Managing your colors is made fun and easy so you can spend your time focusing on being creative.

Explore Collect Graphic
Detailed color specs graphic

Detailed Color Specs

IRO makes it easy to translate what you capture out in the world to your digital screen for all your projects, whether they be web or print. View the hex code, RGB values, and closest Pantone color for every shade.

Fully Customizable

Change your mind about that shade of orange? IRO works for you, so every palette you make is fully customizable, at any time. Adjust and fine tune your colors to achieve the exact look you want.

IRO also includes a search function that allows you to search for color palettes using a hex code or the fullscreen color picker. Finding the perfect palette for all your projects couldn't be easier.