Playground Art Crew is founded by Hilo native Jeff Kaneta, who created the business as a way to use his graphic design and apparel skills to give back to the local community. Since its launch, Playground Art Crew has worked with several local schools on the island of Oahu, released a coloring book of work from Hawai'i artists, and participated in multiple events in collaboration with local businesses.

Custom typography for PAC's script logo

PAC and I worked together to create a logo that would appeal to the company's target demographics (young adults and artists), specifically keeping in mind legibility when printed on various materials. I hand drew the logo with custom typography and worked together with Jeff to digitize it.


Cover background and mountain illustration for the PAC Coloring Book

Illustration done with pen on paper for PAC's first coloring book which features artwork from artists local to Hawai'i.

Coloring Book_5_edit

Custom typography and illustration for Iron Throne t-shirt design

Illustration done with Prismacolor colored pencils.

Kakaako_Iron Throne-14 copy-min
Kakaako_Iron Throne-66 copy-min
Kakaako_Iron Throne-56 copy-min