Volvo Cars
Product Design
November 2018 - Present

As the nature of this work is confidential, I won’t be able to show any project visuals for the time being. However, I can provide a description of the work I’ve done.

As a part of Volvo’s design team (which spans across several countries and many timezones), I worked on two main projects: Care by Volvo, and the redesign.

Volvo’s car subscription service is used by thousands of drivers in multiple countries. I helped design an automatic credit check experience as part of the CbV checkout flow, which helped increase conversion rate by reducing the credit check approval time from several days to 10-20 seconds.

Additionally, I had a hand in maturing the CbV mobile app from its early stages to become more seamless and similar to the web experience.

I was part of a larger effort to redesign the website from the ground up and contributed to the following alongside the design team and multiple product teams:

  • Created a roadmap and strategy for rollout
  • Reworked the information architecture of the site
  • Built a new design system
  • (Re)designed existing and new pages
  • Put together prototypes for presentation and user testing
  • Wrote a user testing script
  • Conducted competitive analysis and participated in research efforts

Designing for a multinational brand came with its own unique set of challenges. As Volvo has 120+ markets and 80+ languages , I learned the importance of thorough design documentation and gained great experience designing with flexibility as a priority. Furthermore, working with my own product team was a wonderful collaborative experience that taught me how to be a better team player as I learned how best to communicate my designs and iterate given potential business or technical limitations.