Centered is a app that combines mindfulness and productivity to help users get more done. They came to Funsize for help refining their UX and visual design in order to seek their first round of funding and launch to the public. Centered has since successfully raised funding, were featured on Product Hunt, and launched multiple version of the app to the public.

I worked as the primary designer - with support from my Senior Design Lead Phi Hoang - to deliver an end to end experience for the client. Together, we accomplished the following:

• Created a fresh design language
• Continually iterated on and added new features to the desktop app
• Designed the mobile app
• Designed two iterations of a new landing page
• Re-skinned the app for Windows development


We worked with the Centered founder to uncover what Centered is and what its brand hopes to be. Using key adjectives uncovered during our sprint, we created a new logo that reflects how we want users to feel when using the product: calm and focused. In addition, we worked together with Metall Design Studio to create beautiful animations of the logo.


UX Design

After our initial 4-day sprint, we moved on to re-skin the desktop app and design new features for the app based off the product roadmap. As we were a small team, we moved quickly in close collaboration with the CEO and founder of Centered, who was also the head engineer. At times, new features we designed would be implemented the same day.

While our main priority was the MacOS desktop app, we also designed an entire mobile app, re-skinned the app for Windows, and built out a new feature set for Centered for Teams.

Whiteboarding in person, pre-COVID 😫
Initial brainstorming sketches for new features
Say hello to the new Centered landing page 😍

UI Design

Keeping with our design principles for the brand, we designed the UI to feel light and simple to use. The goal of Centered is to help transport users to a calming, but productive, flow state. Our design solution is a fresh new UI with ample white space, lightweight icons, and beautiful imagery.

Desktop UI before and after

Flow with your Task Playlist

Centered functions like a music player - users enter Tasks with an estimated completion time to create a “playlist”. While playing a Task, Centered tracks the applications being used, and will nudge the user to stay focused if they get distracted. Centered also provides premium video content with productivity tips, as well as custom “Flow music”.

Once the Task is complete, a beautiful fullscreen image encourages the user to give themselves gratitude for what they completed before moving on to the next Task.


Integrations to streamline your work

We know users can be particular about which tools they choose to include in their workflow. Centered gives users the option to sync multiple Google Calendars, Slack workspaces, and task managers. This way, Centered works with your other favorite apps, so you can have your cake and eat it too.

Work smarter, not harder

The Analytics tab gives an overview of all the Tasks a user has started on, as well as a detailed list of the websites and apps used while working on each Task. This feature helps users become more aware of how they spend their time, and aids them in learning how they can be more efficient while in flow.

A visual onboarding introduces users to the world of Centered

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