Occasionally I write about design.

November 2019

How to be the designer you want to work with

Over the past year, I’ve worked with a variety of designers, engineers, PMs and managers. Throughout that time, I’ve noticed that those I enjoy working with the most share similar qualities.

May 2019

A new designer's observation on agency life

I am fairly new at design. After several years working in customer service and other various industries, I decided to pursue a new career. That began with an internship at House of van Schneider, much of which I documented here on the blog. And I haven’t stopped since.

November 2018

What I've learned three months into my design internship

I’m done with my design internship! It’s been a busy three months working with Tobias and the Semplice team, but I sure had a lot of fun. Reflecting on my time, I’m quite impressed with what I have accomplished and how much ground I was able to cover in three months.

October 2018

What I've learned two months into my design internship

These past two months have allowed me to flex my creative muscles, especially when it comes to visual design. The bulk of my work still consists of creating graphics and designing pages for Semplice, but I’ve also been exploring some more personal projects and playing with new software (hi, Figma!).

September 2018

What I've learned one month into my design internship

In late July, I accepted an offer for a three-month interactive design internship with House of van Schneider. Tobias was one of the first designers I started following on social media when I decided to pursue design as a career. I loved how personable he comes across on Twitter and ate up all the knowledge and resources in this blog when I was starting out.