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April - November 2022

Senior Designer



Peloton changed the fitness industry with their stationary bike. Today they offer a variety of live and on-demand workout classes on their hardware and through their mobile app.

Project Brief

Design new features for the Peloton mobile app and web experience to bring fitness and motivation to members anytime, anywhere.


Lock Screen Widget

Widgets were introduced to the lock screen as a part of iOS 16 in late 2022. We utilized this opportunity to design a simple and useful widget to increase engagement with the Peloton app.

I designed both versions of the widget and worked with eng to launch in time for iOS 16. My work was promoted by Apple in the App Store on their “Favorite lock screen widgets” list.

Project Goal

Remind users of their weekly streak to motivate them to their next workout


Increase avg # of weekly workouts taken

Activity Feed

One of Peloton’s main value propositions is the community and motivation it provides to its members. We embraced this mindset when designing the all new Activity Feed, a social feed where members can view and interact with their friends’ workout activity.

Project Goal

Increase community interactions and content discovery


Increase DAU and MAU


Homepage Redesign

The existing homepage design looked dated with its dark grey background and styling, didn’t provide an easy way to access key user content, and overwhelmed the member with the amount of content on the page.

We prioritized features that would help us meet our goal of facilitating better content discovery and navigation to important tools. This included a new navigation, a more robust personal activity header, and an all new commitments panel on the right.

Project Goal

Improve content discovery and activity management


Increase DAU and MAU


150% increase in weekly sessions and 20% increase in feature usage growth from improved navigation

OldHomepage_2x-min NewHomepage_2x-min

Old member dashboard (left) vs new member dashboard (right)

Onboarding Checklist

Peloton has been working on a number of efforts to include more gamification in their app. One of the first efforts to launch will be the Onboarding Checklist which I designed. The checklist will be a part of the new member’s onboarding experience and will highlight important features and encourage community engagement.

Project Goal

Increase feature discovery and usage


Increase DAU and month to month retention


I’m a designer with a focus on interaction design and UX based out of Austin, Texas. I’ve worked with clients ranging from small startups to global companies and on products including mobile apps, marketing websites, and software.

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